About the Sisters

We are Deb Hopson and Laura Mack, sisters and recovering fat girls. We were chubby kids who became overweight teens and then obese adults. There is hardly a diet that we haven’t tried over the years and, as a result, have gained, lost, and regained more pounds than we care to remember. 

When we were younger, dieting was primarily driven by the desire to look thin and feel normal. Now, as post-menopausal 50-somethings, we’re far more concerned with our health and quality of life. Looking better is merely a perk, though a lovely one to be sure!

After lots of research, as well as trial and error, we discovered that what did not work for us was anything that left us feeling chronically hungry or deprived. Willpower can last only so long. We also learned that “dieting” as a short-term approach may lead to some weight loss, but it also yields short-term results. There are few things worse than regaining pounds that one has worked so hard to shed.

Eventually, we found a low-carb, whole food approach to be the best fit for us over the long-term. “Low Carb” is a huge umbrella, however, and there are many variations on the theme. Our approach has evolved over time to suit our individual needs and lifestyles.

We are “foodies” who love to cook (most days) and eat (every day). We developed our own way of low carb cooking that keeps things simple enough for everyday living, while satisfying our somewhat discerning palates. After all, there are days even foodies don’t have the time or inclination to cook! In this blog we will share plenty of wonderful low carb, primal recipes, as well as the inside scoop on our whole food approach to low carb living.

In addition to recipes and cooking tips, we’ll share resources that we’ve found helpful in seeking better health, as well as our struggles and successes along the way.

Laura is a former restaurateur/caterer and professionally-trained chef who delights in teaching others how to prepare nourishing food that is delicious and satisfying. She has lost 130 pounds over the past several years, accompanied by remarkable health improvements and a new, active lifestyle. Laura brings the voice of a person who has reached her goal weight and views her improving health as an ongoing work in progress.

Deb is an administrative professional for a high-tech company. She enjoys writing, photography, and visual design, and is the creative guru behind the blog and website. While Deb is not a food professional, she loves to cook for her family and friends.  She will bring her every-woman approach to the recipes, testing them to make sure Chef Laura doesn’t run amok with complicated dishes. Deb still has a substantial amount of weight to lose (never you mind how much, it’s just a number), and will be sharing her unique challenges and triumphs on her path to a healthier life.

We both live in Vancouver, Washington, across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon.  Laura is a married mother of a 20-something son, and Deb is married with a teen-age daughter. Neither of our families have adopted our low carb/grain-free/sugar-free way of eating, so we’ve learned how to maximize results with minimum effort to keep everyone reasonably happy and healthy!

As we share what we’ve learned, or merely what we find interesting, keep in mind that we don’t claim to be experts on the optimum path to health, only on what works for us. We challenge you to become an expert on what is best for you!

Welcome! We are so pleased to have you join the conversation. There’s so much to learn from one another.